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Mass Effect fanarts set

Mass Effect: Commander Luke Shepard by Lukael-ArtMass Effect: Kaidan Alenko by Lukael-ArtMass Effect: Ashley Williams by Lukael-Art
Mass Effect: Garrus Vakarian by Lukael-ArtMass Effect: Urdnot Wrex by Lukael-ArtMass Effect: Tali'Zorah nar Rayya by Lukael-Art
Mass Effect: Liara T'Soni by Lukael-ArtMass Effect: Jacob Taylor by Lukael-ArtMass Effect: Miranda Lawson by Lukael-Art
Mass Effect: Mordin Solus by Lukael-ArtMass Effect: Jack by Lukael-ArtMass Effect: Thane Krios by Lukael-Art
Mass Effect: Samara by Lukael-ArtMass Effect: Kasumi Goto by Lukael-ArtMass Effect: Legion by Lukael-Art
Mass Effect: Zaeed Massani by Lukael-ArtMass Effect: Urdnot Grunt by Lukael-ArtMass Effect: James Vega by Lukael-Art
Mass Effect: EDI by Lukael-ArtMass Effect: Javik by Lukael-ArtMass Effect: Jeff ''Joker'' Moreau by Lukael-Art




Blast off into space | Forget the human race by Lukael-Art
Blast off into space | Forget the human race
Wanted to try something different I guess!
Didn't come out exactly as I had in mind but yknow.... it never does.

Ref is Fay Suicide

Timelapse video:…
Improvement meme (updated) by Lukael-Art
Improvement meme (updated)

With the new year and all, I saw a lot of people do that kind of improvement meme (or whatever you wanna call it) and thought I’d try it out. I did do one before but it was like 5 years ago. Thought maybe some people would find it interesting, I know personally I like seeing other people’s a lot, I find it quite motivating.

Honestly though, I find it kinda depressing to look at. While there’s definitely been some improvement, I find it’s been very slow and nowhere near what it could have been had I dedicated more time to drawing in the last few years. All the artists I admire the most have amazing art sure, but they also pour amazing amounts of time into practicing. I don’t want to complain, maybe just psych myself up for 2015! So here’s to hopefully a ton of improvement over the next year!

(I used this template in case anyone wants to try it out)

Merry Christmas from Maya the Siren by Lukael-Art
Merry Christmas from Maya the Siren
Maya bringing a little Christmas spirit to the Vault Hunters!
Very happy with how this one turned out!

Maya, Borderlands (C) Gearbox Software
Art (C) Myself


Journal Entry: Sun Nov 2, 2014, 1:20 PM
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Hey so long story short, I have no job since a couple of weeks ago. I’m not fishing for sympathy, I’m not in trouble or anything so don’t worry, however what I WOULD like is to be able to do some commissions until I can find another job! So don’t be shy, send me a message or spread the word, I would really appreciate it!

ICON: 20$              


LINEART BUST: 20$        




COLORED FULLBODY: 60~75$ (depending on character complexity)


Additional characters are half of the price! 3 characters max!

If you want something in a different format than what is suggested here, email me and I will be happy to negotiate a price with you!

I can draw:

- Original characters and fanart, human or anthro

- Simple backgrounds

- Semi realism to more cartoony style, I’m very flexible!

- Some tasteful nudity

I won’t draw:

- Very elaborate backgrounds

- Explicitly Sexual content

PAYPAL ONLY, payment up front before I start working on your picture. 

Please send me an email to (you can also send me a note on here) and provide as many references as possible for your character, as well as a detailed description of what you would like, preferences on composition, mood and style (if any). I can be flexible! Also remember to include your paypal email address so I can keep track of payments!

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Background image by AF-studios
Brushes by SummerAIR


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Artist | Professional | Digital Art

Favourite movies: The Matrix Trilogy / V for Vendetta / Repo! The Genetic Opera / Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / Kill Bill / Big Fish / Minority Report / The Truman Show / Her

Favourite music: Steam Powered Giraffe / A Perfect Circle / Interpol / Editors / System Of A Down / Mutemath / Dir en grey

Favourite Novel: Les Trois Mousquetaires
Favourite Manga: GUNNM

Favourite games: Shadow of the Colossus / Mass Effect / Persona / Journey / Final Fantasy / Super Smash Bros. / Zelda / .hack//GU / Shin Megami Tensei

Nostalgia Critic by shortview



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